Light industry

Textile, clothing and leather manufacture (light industry) play a leading role in Zhytomyr region. In particular, almost 50% of all output sold in the region is produced in Zhytomyr.

Main sub-industries: footwear manufacturing, finished textile manufacturing (except clothes), hosiery industry, manufacturing of road works, bags, saddlery.

In 2020, export operations amounted to USD 13,3 million (textile materials and products), USD 2.4 million (footwear, hats and umbrellas).

Import operations totalled USD 11,2 million (textile materials and products) and USD 2,0 million (footwear, hats and umbrellas).

The share of exported goods (textile materials and products) is 8,4%.

In the general import volume 6,0% are textile materials and products.

Leading national and foreign companies

LLC Greif Flexibles Ukraine

PJSC Zhytomyr Factory of Nonwoven Fabric “Teteriv”

Zhytomyr Training and Production Enterprise of the Ukrainian Association of the Deaf (UTOG)  

LLC “Tusmo”

Private Enterprise “Zhelvim”

PJSC “Elotekstyl”

Foreign-owned LLC “Ferplast-Ukraine

LLC “Janett Ukraine”

LLC “Modital”

LLC Ukrainian Industrial Company “Krok”

Zhytomyr subsidiary of the common venture in the form of LLC “RIF-1”

LLC “Fashion Group”

Educational institutions

Public Educational Institution “Centre for the Service Sector in Zhytomyr” – seamstress, tailor;artist, decorator of buildings, shop windows; – hairdresser, make-up artist

Public Educational Institution “Centre for the Light Industry and Consumer Services in Zhytomyr” – tailor – hairdresser, make-up artist – shoe assembler

Cooperation with foreign customers encourages not only preservation of light industry enterprises and their stabilization at the market, but also familiarizing with world technologies as well as updating of equipment. Currently the bulk of enterprises in the industry meet high European standards in terms of equipment.