International projects on financial and technical assistance

2018 – 2026 – EUR 17.7 million

Increasing the efficiency of municipal infrastructure

Thermal renovation of 40 educational establishments in Zhytomyr city amalgamated community


2015 – 2021 – CHF 18.6 million

Ensuring energy efficiency and sustainable use of energy resources

                                                          53 (119) individual heating units have been installed; 4.3 km (6.8 km) of heat network have been replaced; construction and assembly works on the installation                                                                of thermodynamic plant organic Rankine cycle have been carried out


2014 – 2022 – USD 39.9 million

Providing consumers with high-quality water supply, proper wastewater treatment and disposal, reducing consumption of electricity

Automation and optimization of production processes


2019 – 2026 – EUR 9.8 million

Increasing the efficiency of electric transport infrastructure

Complete overhaul of four traction substations and a trolleybus depot in Zhytomyr


2015 – 2021 – USD 17.0 million

Ensuring energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption in heat supply, decrease in СО2, SО2, NOх emissions

                                                       80 % of works performed – 60 (76) individual heating units have been installed; 4.3 km (7.9 km) of heat network have been replaced


2019 – 2021 – EUR 177.7 thousand

TUMI: Get to School Sustainably. Increasing the safety of pedestrians and stimulation sustainable mobility

                                                         Covered bicycle parking lots have been installed; a cycling school for children has been held; a capital repair of pedestrian crossings, intersections and                                                                             pavements at four schools of Zhytomyr city amalgamated community has been carried out


2015 – 2020 – USD 30.0 million

Development of water supply and water disposal systems in Zhytomyr

Replacement of energy-intensive equipment, utility networks; introduction of automated control systems


2018 – 2022 – UAH 16.7 million

Restoration of an architectural monument of local significance Water Tower

                                                         Commercialization of the tourist potential of Zhytomyr and Zhytomyr oblast


2019 – USD 18 thousand

Development of Public Utilities Primary Healthcare Centers as centers of excellence

Providing methodological support to the Public Utility “Primary Healthcare Center” in Zhytomyr


2018 – 2019 – EUR 157.4 thousand

Increasing the energy efficiency of public sector facilities

Energy-efficient thermal rehabilitation of the building of the internal medicine department of Public Utility “Likarnia No. 1” in Zhytomyr


2017 – 2019 – technical assistance

Project implementation on the basis of the mechanism of public-private partnership (PPP)

Gaining successful experience in Zhytomyr in the implementation of PPP


2017 – 2019 – EUR 23.3 thousand

Increasing the energy efficiency of public sector facilities

  Rehabilitation of the department of infectious disease of Public Utility “Likarnia No. 1”


2016 – 2018 – EUR 5.0 million

Integrated city development in Ukraine


2015 – 2018 – CHF 18.6 million

Energy efficiency in Zhytomyr

                                                         Rehabilitation of a part of the municipal district heating system and some buildings (nursery schools)


2016 – 2017 – UAH 400.0 thousand

Increasing the investment attractiveness and competitive ability of the regions in Ukraine

The City Development Agency was created; the Agency also provides support to entrepreneurship




2015 -2017 – EUR 4.75 million

Increasing the energy efficiency of public sector facilities in Zhytomyr

Savings of thermal energy by 9.1 GW (annual); reduction of CO2 emissions by 2,111.7 t (annual)


2015 -2017 – EUR 15.7 million

Development of heat supply system in Zhytomyr

                                                        Reduction of gas consumption be 15.0 million nm³ (annual); reduction of electricity consumption by 12 GW (annual); decreased costs for repair and maintenance


2016 – UAH 9.0 million

Public budget – collective success of citizens and open authorities

                                                         Implementation of public social projects in the city