Project value: EUR 7.0 million

Funding source: private investment

As part of the World Bank-funded Urban Infrastructure Development Project 2, the reconstruction of the Sewage Treatment Plant-2 (STP-2) in Zhytomyr is underway and is expected to be completed in 2024. After the reconstruction, the capacity of the WWTP-2 will be 63500 m3/day. The new treatment facilities will be designed to fully dephosphate wastewater. The complex will meet all European and the highest Ukrainian standards.

To reduce the volume of waste sludge and reduce methane emissions, the city is looking for investments to build a biogas plant that will produce 1.1 million m3 of biogas per year and a cogeneration plant that will provide combined heat and power production of 3230.0 MWh/year and 2695.0 MWh/year, which should provide 35% of the city’s energy needs.

The city is ready to buy electricity for its own needs at a tariff of 130.0 EUR/MWh (including VAT) and heat at a tariff of 30.0 EUR/MWh (including VAT).