Food industry

Production of food, drinks and tobacco goods (food industry) plays a leading role in Zhytomyr region. In particular, more than 33% of all output sold in the region is produced in Zhytomyr.

Main sub-industries: production of meat, soft drinks, mineral water and other types of bottled water, cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionary, ice cream ,bread and bakery products, pastry, and cakes of nondurable storage.

In 2020, export operations amounted to USD 32,8 million (products of plant origin), and USD 9 million (ready-made food products), USD 1.7 million (products of animal origin).

Import operations totalled USD 11,1 million (products of plant origin), and USD 10,3 million (ready-made food products), USD 4,3 million (products of animal origin).

The greatest share of exported goods belongs to the plant products and amounts to 20,8%.

Leading national and foreign companies

LLC “Zhytomyrskyi miasokombinat”

LLC “Production Commercial Company “Perlyna Polessia”

PJSC “Zhytomyr Butter Plant”

LLC “Zolotyi Korovai”

PLC “Zhytomyr Lasoshchi”

LLC “Fito Ukraine”

State Enterprise “Zhytomyr Liquor and Vodka Distillery Factory”

ALC “Zhytomyrpyvo” 

Zhytomyr City Consumer Society

LLC “Rybni Promyslovi Tekhnolohii”

Educational institutions

Zhytomyr Cooperative Collegefood technology

Public Educational Institution “Zhytomyr Higher Technical Vocational School” maintenance technician; shop assistant; refrigerator operator

Public Educational Institution “Centre for the Service Sector in Zhytomyr” – cook, waiter, bartender – baker; pastry cook – catering professional

Many sectors of food industry are of particular interest for investors. These are sectors related to the production of confectionary, beer and drinks, ice cream, pasta, bread and bakery products.