An investing company received permit for the construction of a waste recycling plant in Zhytomyr 27.10.2020

On October 22, 2020 a press-conference was held on the occasion of obtaining a permit by LLC MS Social Project to start construction of a waste recycling plant in Zhytomyr.

In 2018, approved an investment agreement was approved by the session of the Zhytomyr City Council. Later, the agreement has been concluded between the city and LLC MS Social Project for the construction and operation of a modern waste recycling plant in Zhytomyr.

According to the investment agreement, the investing company undertakes to build a high-tech solid waste recycling plant at its own expense; the plant must comply with European environmental safety standards. Instead, the city shall provide the company with a land plot for the project and ensure the transportation of waste produced in the community to the plant.

“Zhytomyr produces more than 120.0 thousand tons of solid waste annually, and their amount is increasing every year. Currently, the city does not have a waste recycling system, so all waste is all buried in the city landfill. The issue of implementing an effective system of solid waste management is one of the top priorities for local authorities, and it is determined by the strategic documents of the city development. At present, Zhytomyr is one step closer to solving a difficult task – to create an effective system of solid waste management. The investing company has received permit to start construction of a waste recycling plant and plans to start construction and installation works in the near future, and, most importantly, the plant will be built without the financial participation of the local budget,” said Borys Pakholiuk, director of the City Development Agency of Zhytomyr City Council.

According to the schedule, the plan is to be put into operation in 2022; the equipment has already been partially manufactured and is awaiting site preparation. Yevhen Barakh, director of LLC MS Social Project, says “Our project is unique for Ukraine. We are constructing the first plant in Ukraine for deep waste recycling, namely processing, not incineration (incineration already exists in Ukraine). Depth of waste processing by our plant will be 90%. This means that we will be able to significantly reduce the load on the municipal solid waste landfill. We have already invested more than EUR 1.5 million in equipment and preparatory work. We have been engaged in procedures for obtaining permit for 1.5 years: we developed project documentation, held public hearings, obtained approvals, conclusions and had state examinations, including construction and environmental ones. Finally, we can begin the active phase of construction; we have all the necessary permits, including the one that permits the start of construction work. At the same time, due to the fact that we received a permit to start construction at the end of the construction season, we plan to start construction work in 2021, and put the plant into operation in 2022. It will be a plant with a capacity of 85.0 thousand tons of waste per year with new jobs (200 new jobs). We also plan to increase the capacity to 120.0 tons per year”.

Also, the director of LLC MS Social Project emphasized that the company is registered in Zhytomyr and has paid to the local budget more than UAH 2.0 million, which together with the already incurred investment costs of the company in the amount of more than EUR 1.5 million confirms that the company is seriously determined to implement the project. In addition, after the project in Zhytomyr, the company plans to build similar plants throughout Ukraine.

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