Svitlodarsk. Bakhmut district. The young guys took up vending, switched to the cycle of bottle blowing and water delivery. In 10 years, they become real players in the market. And then their business is 3 kilometers from the frontline.
The equipment was transported to Izium. They thought it was safe. The occupant got there too.
65% of production is lost.
They are taking away Families, colleagues, remnants of once successful production.
They are going to Zhytomyr.
Now they are relocated. In the past they had successful business.
The boys are trying to go on. We are already helping them to recover and get back on their feet. Connecting them to local business. We found a great landlord for them. We all need to support people who belong. This is not negotiable.
What it feels like to understand that everything has been taken from you. And you have to live. Under the occupation it is not an option at all. They will recover in the city of rye and peace.
Victory will be ours!
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