The construction of the waste recycling plant in Zhytomyr is going to start in May 03.05.2021

The construction of a new waste recycling plant is going to start in Zhytomyr this May. The plant will be constructed in the industrial area of the city at 20 Skladskyi Proizd. The construction is planned to have been finished in December 2021. A waste processing line will be launched in January – May, 2022.

The City Mayor Serhii Sukhomlyn and the director of the Green Bean Ukraine Yevhen Barakh discussed it during the meeting.

“We are guided by the Concept of Integrated Development of Zhytomyr, which provides for the opening of a waste recycling complex in 2021 – 2023. This is another step towards improving the ecology in the city, because this enterprise will not pollute the atmosphere; the emphasis is exclusively on waste recycling. Waste will be used to make compost, RDF, i.e. fuel, secondary raw materials”, says Serhii Sukhomlyn.

This will be the first plant in Ukraine which will not incinerate waste, but recycle it. Yevhen Barakh specifies that the construction of the plant is a logical continuation of the project that involves waste collection, and the end result should be a slogan: we turn waste into clean energy.

The plant will have a separate sorting line and a composting line. The RDF fuel produced by the plant can be an alternative to coal that will provide thermal energy to consumers. It is planned that the construction of the administrative building and the industrial facilities will have been finished by the end of the year. The supply of equipment will begin in late August and early September; and the equipment will be configured in October–November. Next March, the plant will be commissioned.

“This is a completely environmentally safe privately financed project. We plan to process approximately up to 510 thousand cubic meters a year. The company will create 150 new jobs”, says Yevhen Barakh.

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