The second training “Agile” was conducted on August 15 within the framework of the Program for the development of small and medium-sized business in Zhytomyr during 2019-2021. 22.08.2019

“Agile” appeared to be a rather relevant topic for local business; in this regard, the Department of Economic Development of Zhytomyr City Council arranged the second training on August 15.

Today, words like Scrum, Kanban and Waterfall have become incredibly popular among entrepreneurs and managers. So what is Agile philosophy and Scrum methodology? Is it really a must in modern realities, or is it just a new-trend fad, a tribute to the managerial trend?

Approaches and techniques that provide means for working under uncertainty and constant change, quick testing of ideas and prototypes, reducing project cost through early detection of errors and refusal of extra work.

The speakers of the event were:

Yurii Kozachenko, an Account Director of the IT-company Viseven. He used to be a leader of mobile development teams, where Scrum has become a basic principle. He has advised Viseven partners on Scrum implementation and has been using Scrum as the basic approach to planning work with customers.


Yurii Kardash, who has been into business for 13 years. He is a co-owner of TEPLEX, an air conditioning store network and a partner of Teal ua.

“I believe that self-government is the best way to manage organizations .We have been using self-government in TEPLEX for four years”, said Yurii Kardash.


The following topics were introduced to the training participants:

– Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall and modern business: what is required of companies today;

– Scrum and Kanban techniques: principles, rules and procedure;

– techniques for evaluating and analyzing the effectiveness of Scrum and Kanban teams;

– practical part: creation of a Scrum team based on a specific example.

More than 50 local business representatives from various fields participated in the event.

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